Kane County Division of Transportation Qualifications Based Selection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a completed Prequalification Document when I register?

A: Yes. See Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Process Document for instructions.

Q: Do we need to update the existing Prequalification Documents?

A: No, you must submit a new Prequalification Document. Requests will be requested in 3 year intervals.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: Access the web site and Click the text, “Forgot your Password”.

Q: Which internet Browsers are supported?

A: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.x or higher are supported.

Q: What is the maximum file size I can upload?

A: 200 MB, but please keep the files as small as possible without compromising quality.

Q: What file types can I upload?

A: Only PDF files can be uploaded.

Q: Who do I contact for website issues?

A: Steve Coffinbargar - 630.406.7170

Q: Who do I contact for questions regarding the Qualification based Process?

A: Steve Coffinbargar - 630.406.7170

Q: I am not receiving email notifications from the system. What is wrong?

A: The emails could be going to your spam email. Adjust your email settings.

Q: Where can I find details regarding the Qualifications Based Selection Process?

A: See the document: Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Process Document.

Q: How do I update my statement of Qualifications?

A: You cannot update your Prequalification Document within the KDOT QBS application. In order to update your Prequalification Document, please e-mail an entire newly revised Prequalification Document as a pdf document to Steve Coffinbargar at coffinbargarsteve@co.kane.il.us.

Q: Can our firm have multiple email addresses registered?

A: No. Each firm login can only have ONE email address associated with it.